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The spiritual Quest in the New Era

And the 5 traps on the path to your mastery


The Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur set out on a daredevil quest with an almost unattainable goal: they shall defeat dangerous enemies and monsters, deliver secret messages, recover lost treasures and rescue abducted noblewomen. Today, the hero of modern life is again more lonely than ever: everyone is called to take the reins in his hand, to take responsibility in the chaos of these times with loss of value, insecurity and promises of salvation. There he matures and attains that powerful individual freedom necessary to work together. Then he realizes more and more that the human species only will do it together: as harmonious cells of a body, as a united family, as a team that pulls together and as a society that wakes up and bravely goes the way of a new culture: be it as a woman, as a man, as a Swiss, as a European, as an earthling... When the victorious hero soon serves a higher purpose - and it's not just about money-hunting or -collecting – he knows how to answer piercing existential questions confidently, because his ego has naturally given way to a transpersonal perspective:


Am I on the right path? ...

How do I win my quest? ...

Since my childhood I loved to understand the world as a station theater, as an adventure path or as a multi-course menu, where I myself am the protagonist or the hero, the cook and at the same time the feasting guest: Life is – my soul experiences, the stations, the challenges, the course, the chapters of the book of life ... I choose them all myself, as well as the destination, where I want to go: to be happy, to be rich, to be enlightened... If I reach my goal then, is not so important, main thing, I'm on my way. On my quest. The correct answer to the first question, as already with Parzival, is: "clearly I'm on the right path, I need only me and my experience, point", to the second question: "with love" or "from the heart ". That's all, so easy. Philosophy does not come from the head but arises from life itself.


After my childhood, I began to understand life as a spiritual search, a quest. My spirit is the engine, the light that leads me through the darkest, death-near times. How many times did you want to give up, and you thought, it does not go on, you canot do it anymore? However, wasn't there always that resilient force in you that straightened you up and moved you forward? All human souls have stored the memory of their origin, of the source, of where they were pure light. That makes the longing, the searching in the man, because he knows deep inside: without again approaching this light, without "returning home", he will never be happy. The more he was trapped in the system of matter, of possessing (and perhaps had much or little), the more his abundance now shines with soul-power and spirituality. But attention: some folks fall into the dual opposite, the search is converting into OBSESSION, into the miserable hole plugging ADDICTION – to internal biochemical cocktails, called emotions, or external ones, called drugs, or to other dependencies, with people, life partners, bosses, to promises of salvation or so-called " spiritual pathes" (borrowed from other people), or to negative beliefs that LIFE is just not possible. The half-dead hero. The dead hero. The society of half dead. DEATH in life. The hero has logged off the legend. There is no one left. He gave up himself. On the half way. Quest lost. The man who sticks to the surface, or to a cloud of a beautiful illusion.


And all because you are a being of light. LIGHT. An addiction to light, a quest for light. WANTED: light. Like the moths into the light. Like the light modules (photons) around your gene spirals. That's how you create your reality. That's how we all create our reality. – Finally, I understand what the Maya once said to me: living from the spirit rejuvenates you and makes you live your dreams like a child. In this point your intellect might rebel; don't worry, he will never understand it. Your heart understands and knows how to implement. My soul wants to be free and is here to live the divine spark, the divine abundance on Earth. Now.

Thanks to my childhood, like once Parzival (or Perceval), I wandered through the "waste land", thirsting for love, for the feminine, for the Goddess – for feeling, for forgiveness, for innocence, for connections, for the all-embracing... The "waste land", through which the Knights of the Round Table wended their way (French terre gaste, German Ödes Land), is a very up-to-date symbol for our suffering society, full of scarcity and infertility, with a nature in imbalance and half-dead people with rigid power and falsehood structures. – Only much later my hero understood that in his inner struggle, which was never to win, he was continually loosing his power. It was a struggle between two images of the world, two cosmovisions: the vague remembrance of the Divine, of the light masters, of "something much bigger" on one side, and the obvious social decline, the sinking into the habit of the academically confirmed but so narrowly limited world view, on the other side. I was the half-dead hero. Staggered back and forth. Dragged myself through the "waste land", like so many people through life. Today I thank this life, my parents, the people to whom I have blindly surrendered my power, with whom I have fought (in the manner of a Don Quixote) and whom I have adored (that is, mistaken for God/Goddess), also all these (sometimes painful) experiences that I was allowed to do, because they were all my masters. Today, life itself is my mastery. The "waste land" has gradually turned into the earthly paradise, in which we all may live in happiness and abundance (if we only knew it). But my quest continues. For we live, still, in a dual system, we are sparks of light, which collect experiences as a soul in a body and thereby are Ascending, back into the light. A game, Maya, illusion, but divine.


The 5 traps of the quest to your spiritual Mastery:


On these my wandering paths home through the "waste land" I've been walking into a few traps and have also stuck in them for a while. Most of us have to go through all these 5 levels, one after the other, otherwise the "Game of the Soul Plan" will not move on. They are part of the experiences we are allowed to live through. Each level has its promising side, which can make us addict, and which we then gladly justify to the outside world. We then feel extremely "spiritual" and believe that we have already reached the ultimate level of spirituality, which of course does not exist. That's just part of the virtual game of tricks: if it were easy, we would not call it quest! So, you heroine, you hero, then move on to the next level, otherwise you'll stick to the development in your life!


If you know the 5 traps or levels of the quest, they can help to situate you, to understand where you're getting stuck or holding on again, or they warn you of the next possible pitfalls or illusions you might walk into. With them you will get the so important map into your hands, without which the hero could lose himself. Ready for your quest?





Since I myself come from a rather atheistic family, I know the bourgeois stereotypes, with which one pulls over Catholic churchgoers or esoteric charlatans, only to justify the proper atheism or in order not to have to open the door to God/Goddess. From a cultural-historical point of view, the paths towards a lightful, heartfelt spirituality and connection with nature, the divine, the universe have been filled up for centuries, therefore it is not surprising how many people indeed want to be spiritual, but unconsciously keep the door shut. And if my soul is not ready to open up to something new, to let go, to unlearn, to give, then neither the longed-for Master will come, nor will I find the pure method or the truly efficient practices that help it to get ahead on the soul path. If you get stuck here, you're in trap 1: JUSTIFICATION AND EXCUSES.


Thankfully, my access succeded through first-hand "peak experiences", as the founder of transpersonal psychology Stan Grof would call them, because my defense, my mental structure, was so strong that it was not easy to break through them. Thanks to a near-death experience, journeys to other civilizations and forms of consciousness, my ego learned, specially from the Maya 2000-2007, to watch its own dissolution more calmly and in return quickly boast with fresh, "more spiritual" structures, what often turned me walking into new traps: Like this I have made myself dependent again and again, once on dark and then on lightful illusions. In therapy addiction, one can get addicted every Wednesday at the regression therapist or at the shamanic healer to discover something really gloomy, painful, horrible from this or other lives, and then, as a balance, I also need my weekly "high" through expanded transpersonal experiences of consciousness, angelic apparitions and channeled cosmic messages. Both dark and light world make a huge business: on one hand with people who believe in the dark, the evil, in black magic, on the other hand with people who seek healing promises, luck amulets and so-called heavenly elixirs… Most people who are moving already more consciously on their spiritual quest, remain stuck on the following two levels, in traps 2 and 3: CAUGHT IN THE DARK or IN LIGHTFUL ILLUSIONS.

Now, the heroine/hero needs some persistence, on the missing path through the "waste land" of our habits and cultural duties. For now it is about taking responsibility for oneself, "going one's own way", without a master who is masticating, channeling or releasing everything, without surrendering power to an institution or a group; but that's exactly what still the least want today. And most of the time they are not even aware of it, so deep in our collective unconscious these programs of impotence, victimization, ignorance and of collective stupefaction or spiritlessness are sitting! The path of direct experience is like a tightrope walk in a circus without a safety net, on a stage of life without double ground. And there is another challenge: in the past the monk prayed, fasted, meditated for years in a mountain cave or hermitage, today we need him in the cities, in the friction with the "banal" and neurotic mundane life. The monk may walk among the people, his meditation takes place in the supermarket, the politburo and at the baby's changing table, there is his mediation, his service to others...

But even as a master of DIRECT EXPERIENCE, the hero can get stuck, in trap 4, if he is not congruent, and does not live up to what he preaches. It still is today the majority of humanity, with one foot in, with the other out; with one foot perhaps in the own heartfelt, honest and even lightful path, however overtaken again and again by old patterns of lack thinking, anxiety and aggression reactions, and exactly when least "expected", in conversation with the life partner, in unexpected situations at work and in everyday life, when paying an invoice, queuing in a bank etc.


The real mastery we achieve when we BLESS THE DAILY LIFE. If we do not "search" anymore. When spirituality becomes part of the real full life. Then I am, I live, I learn. Then every challenge, both inside and outside, is discovered as an opportunity to learn. And we walk on humbly. I see with my heart, think, speak, act from the heart. I pay attention to every moment in life where I am mindful and conscious. With an open heart Love flows to me and I pass it on. Every breath fills me with spirit. Fills my body with spirit. Body, emotions, heart, mind, soul, spirit take place here and now. In this busy, hectic and neurotic era, there's a danger that I've fallen into trap 5, getting carried away by "so many things I have to deal with," that "everyday life is catching up" and I'm not succeeding to sanctify it, in every moment. Although I have reached great spiritual heights, I can not integrate them into life in order to always live them. Everyday life and spirituality remain for me two separate worlds. This is the most difficult and urgent task to tackle the problems of this time and to create peace in the world, inside and out.


I question the spiritual world, because in reality I do not want to enter it, although I declare that I do. I don't act according to what I say. I see "charlatans" everywhere (and I have every reason, because something bad happened to me in the past or others told me their experiences). So I justify that I will not continue my quest, not following my search for the lost light. I invent a thousand excuses why I could not follow my soul path, why I'm sick, why I have no money, why I do not have time (allthough it's the other way around: if I started solving these problems, they would become sources of flow and fullness). I believe, and I do not believe, I enter and step out, of the teaching halls with or without a master; I do not find any pure teaching, and because everything is a mirror, I cling to dubious doctrines, to groups and methods which reflect the ego of the so-called master, as well as power struggles, dogmatism and shadow teachings of distorted wisdom, like most institutions (to create dependence with followers). I stay with my ignorance and indifference (allthough I perhaps say the opposite and let others know that I myself know a great deal). A modern pathology is also to visit workshops everywhere and hop like a grasshopper from one master to another, from one school to another (instead of going my soul path in this life and liberate and know my ancestral and soul linages). In the end, I see confirmed what I knew before and I tell everyone: "this is not for me", "I do not believe in these things", "all are charlatans" etc.


I am addicted to my dark worlds, my shadow, my negativity, either I am secretly in love with my "badness" or I keep alive, again and again making new terrible discoveries in myself. I always fall back into my gloomy worlds and old patterns. I'm stuck and I complain all the time. These are people who always answer the question "how are you?": "Uuh, I'm in a deep process right now". For I feel like a victim of the circumstances or I react with violence and hatred to life, to the sacred. I swear that "life is difficult, hostile" and feel that "it somehow does not work". I condemn all and I speak badly of the teachers. Maybe I am addicted to groups working with dark energies, strong shamanic trance work or even exorcism. For me, the path to light, the path of healing, always begins with solving a difficult, dark or dangerous situation, or liberating a demon. This pattern is my guarantor for a healing that works afterwards and a step towards freedom and ascension. Maybe I watch the world as hostile, where everyone wants to hurt me, or where black magic exists that I have to protect myself from. I do not see the obstacles that I have to learn and overcome.


I am addicted to bright illusions, I cling to pleasurable experiences as if they were the highest degree of what I could achieve. So I'm trapped in the "Maya", the world of illusions and deceptions, maybe I surrender my power to a teacher, a doctrine or a specific religion, but I'm not aware of that. I think that I am spiritually very advanced, but I only deceive myself. I repeat what the teacher or the group says: "Do not do that...", "we saw Jesus", "the Earth quaked", maybe I lie and I have neither seen nor felt anything, perhaps the euphoria of the group has misled me. I am dependent on the group, a dogma, on a special tool, such as a music or other people to repeat my spiritual experiences. Maybe I am addicted to groups that deal with beautiful, lightful energies or tend to take off and "fly". I forget that spirituality is also "as above so below". I live in a bubble that is not real, and I do not realize that there is no ascension from it. A very sensitive dependency is to depend on the states of bliss and expanded consciousness as of a drug, until I realize that I cannot integrate them into my daily life. Another possibility is to depend on substances such as mother plants to achieve these "peak experiences".


The only way to your mastery, to a life from the spirit, is the direct experience. Jesus and Budha taught their disciples and sent them into the world. But times have changed. A teaching or teacher can give you information, tools, or an impulse, initiate a healing or a process of accelerated spiritual evolution (called initiation). But the experience can only be lived by you, you have to take the decision to follow the path, and to live it everyday, with discipline, dedication and love, so that something really changes in you. Then you have to achieve the experiences alone, without a teacher, at any time of your life. You must "know without knowing" how to connect with the luminous states of your soul, perhaps live mystical experiences, make your personal time offs in silence, how to talk to nature and heal yourself, etc.

More and more people are finding their way alone nowadays, they are making surprising progresses in a short time. Myself, I owe many transcendental experiences to Don Lauro; thanks to him, I learned that life lived by most people is rather limited and that this cosmovision is real. Something has changed in me: my body, my mentality, my heart, the connection with my spirit, I got supreme knowledge and was allowed to experience it, it vibrated and sounded in me, it was not just in a book or in my head. Then I learned to repeat the experiences alone and then share and teach them. The monk, the warrior, Parzival, the hero of direct experience may be a rebel, or better a pioneer: he questions himself and then asks : "And now, how can I make it mine? How can I improve it? What new application or exercise could I create with this experience?" The direct way needs discipline, practice, study, patience, humility. The direct path needs distinctiveness: that means, to recognize your ancestral and soul linages that you must follow in this life or phase of life. Then you will not jump from workshop to workshop, but will first train and develop one "linage", then maybe another. Like myself the "linage" Maya, InKa, the Celtic, the Tibetan etc.


You are not finished. Perhaps you have forgotten that you live in a dual world, where most people are wrapped up in a system where money rules, where we work, and must fulfill duties as citizens. Every person is totally responsible for themselves and chooses his integrity, his environment, his heartfelt activities himselves.

This, we try to live in the Nature Healingpark SEMUK: to follow the spiritual path with discipline, prayer, physical-energetic exercises (Biosynthergy©), martial arts, to live with nature, and to cultivate as much as possible one's own food; to create connections to highest levels of awareness and intelligence; to increase the frequency until it becomes a daily habit; to develop a healthy, respectful and sacred sexuality (white tantra); daily self-healing without letting be pending the problems; to heal oneself and others, if necessary immediately, in presence or at distance (techniques of the Invisible Healer©); to do service for the others, for those who need help, a part is always giving without expecting anything. I allow myself to be guided by my spirit and try to apply it at the workplace, at home and in the kitchen, in making money, with my friends, in the social networks (physical and virtual), as well as in the practice of my leadership style and the education of children. Starting from these 5 levels of consciousness or 5 traps of illusion, mankind will be able to create new forms of human coexistence, business and education. The hardest is already achieved, now it is about to manifest further.



Pascal K'in Greub, SEMUK, Mexico, January 2018




Healing meditation and satsang on the same topic:

"The Spiritual Quest in the New Era and the 5 Traps on the path to your Mastery".


Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 19:00 - 21:30 in Prague, Czech Republic, in English with Czech translation. Information here in Czech.


You will also have an  opportunity for individual sessions, 1800 CZK for almost an hour (ask for special price for Pascal K'in's comeback to his beloved Czech Republic after several years...).










Mysteries of the Ancient Maya Civilization - BBC

Dieser Dokumentarfilm von BBC illustriert auf seltene Weise die Blüte der Mayas mit ihren chronologisch nacheinander wichtigsten Städten:

Esta película documental de BBC muestra de manera maravillosa el florecimiento de los mayas con sus cronológicamente más importantes ciudades:

This documental movie from BBC shows in an excellent way the flourishment of the Maya with their cronologically most important cities:

Calakmul, Tikal, Palenque und Chichen Itza.

(Movie in English).






Having the feet on the ground

Alter wiederbelebter Blog von 2009 zur Feier der neuarrangierten

Ausbildung zum Neuzeit-Schamanen und des 1. Moduls Wurzeln.

Having the feet on the ground... and the head up in the sky, they say. I believe in these times it is important like never before having our life grounded, what then will make possible our spiritual and creative development and reaching the success we wish in life. If we do not ground, life will ground us, like it happened literally to Icarus when he flew too high, guided through his ego-inflation, and the wax of his wings melted because of the heat of father Sun. And where did he fall to? - To mother Earth, bum!!! (see photo).


Dear reader, I would like to invite you to reflect about how we can develop strong ROOTS in life, that help us improve our contact with this changing reality everybody is facing now on this globe.

1. CONFRONT THE MIRROR OF YOUR REALITY: Look at life as it is, look at the 2 sides of the coin. This involves one of the most difficult facts in life: see your hidden parts, your dark parts, your egos, until this converts into a new attitude of life, into a constant Transformation. Knowing deep inside that you live with old strategies that did not work, with egos like fear (!!!) and anger... you are only loosing time and harming yourself or others. Remember there is no reason why we cannot all be happy and live in abundance...  I commit myself to you that we will all achieve living that and putting it into practice. (That's what are the Word Rounds for we use, where everyone shares of this huge knowledge that he is re-collecting... and slowly we have strong insights, ... and know that it is much more easy than we think, and than they taught us...).

2. ACCEPT YOUR MORTALITY: Knowing that we are mortal and that life is today, makes us more humble and at the same time infinite beings (or cosmic beings, that's what we really are).
How can we loose the fear of death? - just have a meeting with the death, very easy. And apply that it helps us to purify and transform the things we have seen in the mirror (point 1). Here is where the secrets begin; as you might know, ancient cultures as the Tibetan, Mayan, from the Incas and from Africa and many more, have protected very well this old knowledge during centuries, and it has only been passed over from master to disciple. In our retreats according to the group, they will be revealed and experimented practically.

3. CONNECT YOUR ANCESTORS: This point has to do with point number 1 and 2. In the connection with our parents and grandparents we can find a hidden treasure. In stead of thinking of negative happenings, of guilt and remorse, as happens to a lot of us (what my parents did not give to me, what they gave me but did harm me, what they could have done better etc.), there are very easy and powerful techniques that help recognize the big treasure lying in what we inherit from them. In my shamanic work I sometimes share a multidimensional technique that changed my life; that's where - what before I could not overcome with my parents - began to heal completely, learning that my ego and projection of guilt where my obstacles. Meeting up with your real power and mission of life through this connection with your family ancestors will open your door to find connections with cosmic masters (how can you enter a "spiritual lineage" without having peace and loving your parents?).

In general, these 3 points MIRROR, DEATH and ANCESTORS for me are one of the most important keystones in life, and I repeat, they have really progressed my life with quantum leaps when I understood and remembered how to manage them.

As we will share in our 1 modul of Shamanic Training "ROOTS" (and you can of course invent and get inspired for appropriate actions in daily life), there exist certain pillars and elements which help to activate the knowledge previously mentioned:

- Return to a deep, full and powerful breathing.

- Enter in contact with Mother Earth and the element Earth (for example: work in the garden)

- Meditate and reflect about the world of the serpent, the subconsciousness and what can be found below in your "iceberg".

- Like a warrior, when you ask yourself "what is happening in the world?" don't connect with fear, but centre in your heart and ground (without doing assumptions, you only feel love, for yourself and the universe, and you will laugh a lot!!! hahahahahahaha...).

I wish you lots of success with your practice to ground your paradise on earth. Because, simply here it is, ... if we open the eyes and look with our heart.

Pascal K'in Greub, 2009






Let go of what you think you know

Dejar ir lo que tu piensas que sabes. Lass los was Du denkst zu wissen.






Journey to Olman 21 nov - 6 dic 2014


(starts: Villahermosa, Tabasco, ends: Mexico City)



The Olmecs chose the fertile region in the southeast of Mexico, between the states of Veracruz and Tabasco, a country that is also called "Olman". On this trip we'll unravel its secrets, which are not yet in the textbooks: of a peaceful civilization, led by priest-kings and their superior knowledge, probably navigators of the oceans, skull deformers as a symbol of beauty and intelligence. Read more:


The Olmec culture was formed by people of different races and languages and was a culture that built large ceremonial centers, such as San Lorenzo and Tres Zapotes in Veracruz and La Venta in Tabasc. The Olmecs established trade routes to the state of Guerrero and the Mexican Plateau, as well as to Guatemala and Costa Rica, and colonized in a peaceful manner through its outstanding culture at that time. Only slowly nowadays their significance that they have as Mother culture of Mesoamerica since 2000 BC is recognized, as the forerunners of the great cultures of the Mesoamerican classic period, such as the Mayas, Zapotecs and Teotihuacanos, when later Olmec culture decayed and merged with the salient features of each cultural field, to where they had been expanded.


Whatever was the origin of the culture of the Olmecs, their trade network between different areas of Central America has contributed to the spread of many cultural elements that are identified with the Olmec culture, including the cult of mountains and caves, the cult of the Feathered Serpent as a deity associated which agriculture, the religious symbolism of jade and even the artistic style itself, which has been intensively developed in the centuries after the decline of the major centers of this society. It is believed that the Olmecs were the first Americans with a glyph font to represent their language. In 2007 an inscription was discovered from the year 900 BC, what makes the Olmec writing the oldest of the Americas. "We are all Olmecs", as the Mexhicas tradition says today.









First time chanting Hare Krishna with Harmonium

¿Vas a cantar el mantram conmigo? / Singst Du mit? / Will you chant with me the mantram?

hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare,

hare rama hare rama, rama rama hare hare...


Reconectando vidas pasadas: no lo pude creer, en 10 minutos aprendí este mantram con este instrumento harmonium que siempre me ha fascinado por su sonido de corazón. /
Verbinden mit früheren Leben: ich konnte es kaum glauben, in 10 Minuten habe ich dieses Mantram gelernt mit diesem Instrument, welches mich schon lange für seinen Herzklang fasziniert hat. /
Reconnecting past lives: I hardly couldn't believe it, within 10 minutes I have learnt this mantram with this instrument that has fascinated me for a long time for its heart sound.
(con/bei Sabrina, Yoga-Centre Arbon, Switzerland, marzo/März/march 2014)









Maya-Travel-Report Sept. 2012 Yucatan


WOULD YOU EVEN MISS THE NEXT MAYA TRIP? - We just had our lives be illuminated in the pyramids around Merida, Yucatan, during 5 days of ceremonies. 

Frequency 2013 - Spiritual journey into the Maya-Land including ceremonies with shamans

30 December 2012 - 5 Jan. 2013

3 last seats and the bus is full!!   What are you waiting for?


What brings you this Maya-Trip?

It is a journey into the parallel worlds starting from the Mayan temples, where the veils to the Holy and Divine are paper thin, and where the Mayan masters help us to liberate our "head film", to open the mind and the heart. Each participant, with the gentle accompaniment of Pascal K'in, will experience a unique soul journey, each in his individual process of spiritual growth. Each pyramid, each temple, with its guardians and masters from the past welcome him day by day with a new challenge, a new gift.








Wanna go on living in your Maya-world?

Wanna go on living in your Maya-world? ...

In India Maya means illusion. The "Mayan Master" questions the world that surrounds him and he has adapted as the only truth, mostly since his education and formation. He begins with a little craziness, like an artist to play with it. He becomes a "joker" of reality.
Just as the quantum physicist John Wheeler understands the universe as a participatory universe , we are even more than influential  observers, we are cocreating participants. This is part of the new consciousness, far from any victimization and arrogance. We find confirmation to it in the results of the new sciences and the wisdom of the knowledge keepers of ancient cultures. In the new book "Lattice-Surfing", that I am happy to finish these days and that will release first in Spanish and German beginning 2013, 
I write about all this. Humankind is now getting their upgrade as cosmic surfers through the Lattice.
Welcome to the path of self-discoverers and of those who act instead of blaming! I wish you a wonderful summer, wherever you are, with much love, success and wealth. Here in Mexico is your home, as we say here. I hope
to may welcome you soon at one of the retreats here on the magic mountain, or at our spiritual Mayan-journey December 2012 - January 2013.
I remain with heart-timly greetings, Pascal K'in






Aura Foto before and after Invisible Healing


Esta mujer tomó una foto de su aura el día anterior de entrar a mi sanación grupal. Llegó conmigo hasta después de la sanación comentando que desde que la asaltaron sufrí de ataques de  miedo y depresión. Como no creía "en estas cosas" se tomó otra foto después de la sanación diciendo que ahora se sentía como si nada hubiera pasado y con nuevas ganas de emprender la vida.

Gracias por compartir estas fotos, ¡así de verdad podemos ver lo que a veces no creemos!


This woman took that aura foto the day before entring to my group healing. She came to me some time after the session telling me that she was assaulted and since then has suffered from anxiety and depression. As she did not believe "in these things" she took another aura foto after the healing expressing that now she would feel as if nothing ever happened and with new power to undertake her life.

Thank you for sharing these fotos. Like this we really can see what sometimes we do not believe!


             antes/before:                                                                después/after:










Interview with Lilou Mace's Juicy Living Tour

Lilou is one of the world's most famous video producer. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful mission: travelling around the world interviewing people with a shift-triggering message for us all...

I met her in the Santuario, Valle de Bravo, on 12-11-2011, and had the honour to be interviewed by her... Watch the beautiful picture with Pablo Arellano on the camera... (video is in English)

http://www.juicylivingtour.com    http://www.LilouMace.com












Si tienes un sueño intenta de nuevo!

If you have a dream just try again!

Wenn du einen Traum hast versuch's doch noch einmal!


Uno de mis videos motivacionales favoritos. One of my favourite motivational videos.

Einer meiner Lieblingsvideo zum Thema Lebenstraum und -aufgabe... Enjoy...








How to understand 4 dimensions...

Scenes from the film "What the Bleep do you Know", that is worth seeing again and again, so much details that open our mind and let us remember...

This is really a great Experiment...


First Scene comes in English, second in German:











Swiss premiere.


Photo for contemplation and perceive beyound your limits, from the place where I had the honor to give the first workshop in my country of birth, Switzerland, after 11 years. May 2010. Thank you!

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Trabajamos sin sustancias psicotrópicas.

We work without psychotropic substances.

Wir arbeiten ohne psychotrope Stoffe.

Símbolo ancestral de la conciencia del corazón y su expansión. / Ancient symbol of heart consciousness and tis expansion. / Uraltes Symbol des Herzbewusstseins und seiner Ausweitung.