Having the feet on the ground

Alter wiederbelebter Blog von 2009 zur Feier der neuarrangierten

Ausbildung zum Neuzeit-Schamanen und des 1. Moduls Wurzeln.

Having the feet on the ground... and the head up in the sky, they say. I believe in these times it is important like never before having our life grounded, what then will make possible our spiritual and creative development and reaching the success we wish in life. If we do not ground, life will ground us, like it happened literally to Icarus when he flew too high, guided through his ego-inflation, and the wax of his wings melted because of the heat of father Sun. And where did he fall to? - To mother Earth, bum!!! (see photo).


Dear reader, I would like to invite you to reflect about how we can develop strong ROOTS in life, that help us improve our contact with this changing reality everybody is facing now on this globe.

1. CONFRONT THE MIRROR OF YOUR REALITY: Look at life as it is, look at the 2 sides of the coin. This involves one of the most difficult facts in life: see your hidden parts, your dark parts, your egos, until this converts into a new attitude of life, into a constant Transformation. Knowing deep inside that you live with old strategies that did not work, with egos like fear (!!!) and anger... you are only loosing time and harming yourself or others. Remember there is no reason why we cannot all be happy and live in abundance...  I commit myself to you that we will all achieve living that and putting it into practice. (That's what are the Word Rounds for we use, where everyone shares of this huge knowledge that he is re-collecting... and slowly we have strong insights, ... and know that it is much more easy than we think, and than they taught us...).

2. ACCEPT YOUR MORTALITY: Knowing that we are mortal and that life is today, makes us more humble and at the same time infinite beings (or cosmic beings, that's what we really are).
How can we loose the fear of death? - just have a meeting with the death, very easy. And apply that it helps us to purify and transform the things we have seen in the mirror (point 1). Here is where the secrets begin; as you might know, ancient cultures as the Tibetan, Mayan, from the Incas and from Africa and many more, have protected very well this old knowledge during centuries, and it has only been passed over from master to disciple. In our retreats according to the group, they will be revealed and experimented practically.

3. CONNECT YOUR ANCESTORS: This point has to do with point number 1 and 2. In the connection with our parents and grandparents we can find a hidden treasure. In stead of thinking of negative happenings, of guilt and remorse, as happens to a lot of us (what my parents did not give to me, what they gave me but did harm me, what they could have done better etc.), there are very easy and powerful techniques that help recognize the big treasure lying in what we inherit from them. In my shamanic work I sometimes share a multidimensional technique that changed my life; that's where - what before I could not overcome with my parents - began to heal completely, learning that my ego and projection of guilt where my obstacles. Meeting up with your real power and mission of life through this connection with your family ancestors will open your door to find connections with cosmic masters (how can you enter a "spiritual lineage" without having peace and loving your parents?).

In general, these 3 points MIRROR, DEATH and ANCESTORS for me are one of the most important keystones in life, and I repeat, they have really progressed my life with quantum leaps when I understood and remembered how to manage them.

As we will share in our 1 modul of Shamanic Training "ROOTS" (and you can of course invent and get inspired for appropriate actions in daily life), there exist certain pillars and elements which help to activate the knowledge previously mentioned:

- Return to a deep, full and powerful breathing.

- Enter in contact with Mother Earth and the element Earth (for example: work in the garden)

- Meditate and reflect about the world of the serpent, the subconsciousness and what can be found below in your "iceberg".

- Like a warrior, when you ask yourself "what is happening in the world?" don't connect with fear, but centre in your heart and ground (without doing assumptions, you only feel love, for yourself and the universe, and you will laugh a lot!!! hahahahahahaha...).

I wish you lots of success with your practice to ground your paradise on earth. Because, simply here it is, ... if we open the eyes and look with our heart.

Pascal K'in Greub, 2009

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