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Maya-Trip Reports

Sept. 2012 BLOG

An initiation Journey within Mayan Temples. Climb during 8 days the steps of the Mayan priests consciousness and become a "Master of the illusion and reality": in Palenque, El Moral, Becan, Calakmul, Edzna and more.


Where did the Mayas go?

(video short movie)

Maya-adventure Yucatán 2012:

What should you expect on the Maya-Trip 7-23 to 7-31 2016?

Arrival (responsibility of the participants) and meeting at the hotel in Palenque.
How to get there: fly, drive or take a bus from Mexico city to the airport of Villahermosa, and from Villahermosa airport take a shuttle to Palenque, from the bus station there are also regular services to Palenque (trip from Villahermosa to Palenque last about 2 hrs and the last shuttle goes at 9:00 pm).


Extra-program: We recommend arriving a couple of days earlier to get used to the place and take full advantage of your stay.


Part of the group in a temple in Palenque

Tour will be simultaneously translated to English! (Photo: Part of the group in a Temple in Palenque)


  • Come to visit beautiful Chiapas, with its untouched nature, the clearest waters and some of the most energetic zones in Mexico.
  • Enter to the time of no time dimension, beyond the tridimensional, and appreciate the jungle paradise, the dream of the temple-pyramids and the magic of the natural wells.
  • Walk and vibrate emblematic Maya temples in the south of Peninsula of Yucatan.
Cañón del Sumidero, Chiapas

(Day 0: Depending from where you arrive, you might take your flight already on Friday 7.22.2016, we will pleased to find the best connection to Villahermosa and Palenque for you).

Day 1: Saturday 7.23.2015 Getting into the Mayan heart - Palenque

Meeting with the group at the hotel in Palenque, meditation in the afternoon or at night. Lodging at the Panchan, Palenque.


Day 2: Sunday 7.24.2015

Full day visit to the Bonampak with its mayan paintings, then we will move forward to Yaxchilan by boat thru the Usumacinta river (at the border of Guatemala). Pascal K'in describes is his book "LATTICE SURFFING" the connection with other galaxies that he had. Lodging at the Panchan, Palenque.

Day 3: Monday 7.25.2015 Mayan galactic initiation -  Lord Pacal

Full day visit to the Palenque templeNah Chan Kaan, home of the Lord Pacal; ceremony in the "secret backyard" of Pascal K'in. At night special visit (not included in the price of the tour, this is an extra cost of 2000 pesos MX. It is a must to register as soon as possible!). Lodging at the Panchan, Palenque.


Day 4: Tuesday 7.26.2016 MAYAN NEW YEAR


The unknown and unexplored Palenque (as of the great Pacal pyramid) with a peculiar tourist guide, meet him in the video "Where did the Mayas go", minute 5:00.

Mayan Priest Don Lauro

Day 5: Wednesday 7.27.2016 Open up to the unknown Mayas


Moving towards  Moral Reforma one of the few places where we can,  with preparation and respect, climb the pyramid. The tallest one it's 27 meters large. Surprise. Lodging at Xpujil.

Chinkultic pyramid

Day 6: Thursday 7.28.2016 Towers Peten style


Breakfast at the hotel, visit to Becan, unique fortified city in the Mayan zone. Then we move on to Xpujil, internationally famous for its building Rio Bec style with 3 towers. Lodging at Xpujil.


Day 7: Friday 7.29.2016 The power of the Classic Mayan period - Calakmul


Full day visit to Calakmul, one of the most important Mayan cities, located exactly north to Tikal which for decades were rivals; spectacular zone of wild nature and possible to see some jaguars. Lodging at Xpuhil.


Day 8: Saturday 7.30.2016 Solar Adoratory  in the Edzna Temple

Move to Edzna, place for great initiation for Pascal K'in. In the afternoon a walk in the colonial city of Campeche, with its imposing Forts, beautiful churches, plazas and palaces, this city was the strategic port between the so called New Spain and Europe, later on was a famous niche of pirates. Lodging in Campeche city.



Day 9: Sunday 7.31.2016 I am Maya Master of Illusion


End of the tour, ceremony to close the trip, and then we take you to the airport or bus station in Campeche city to go back home.


Day 10: Monday 8.1.2016

Depending on where you live, you might arrive on Sunday - home sweet home...

To reserve your place, it is necessary to give 50% deposit of the total amount. You can pay with PayPal

Mayan Trip 2016



The normal price for the whole trip is 3250 USD

We can offer you a special price of only 3000 USD for life partners and friends who pay at the same time (and as a group).


We can offer a very special offer to people from Latin America and previous East-European countries: 2590 USD. (In order to apply for this special price you must send us per email a copy of your passport or ID and a official paper of residence.)


All the prices can be changed any time and adapted to the currency fluctuations.


>>> Limited number of participants to 13 seats! (we have already began the registration, get your seat now!)




  • 8 nights in double occupancy in a 3 or 4 stars. (Single room has an additional cost of 350 USD)
  • Transportation to the places specified in the itinerary
  • A total of 7 meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • All the ceremonies, rituals, meditations and healing done by Pascal K'in
  • Shamanic and spiritual guidance by Pascal K'in Greub
  • Fire ceremonies and purification
  • Tour guide in German, English (if required) and Spanish
  • All the entrances to the archeological sites and museums
  • The logistic and support from the Instituto del Tiempo del Corazón


Does Not includes:

  • Flight from home to Mexico city or Villahermosa or even Palenque, neither the flight back home from Campeche city
  • Additional nights
  • Meals not mentioned
  • Ceremony at night in Palenque on July 25th (additional cost of 2000 pesos)
  • Donations, tips to the bell boys, bus driver or any other person
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal porter


*) Special prices only for Mexicans living in Mexico: Please send a copy of your Mexican passport and ID, as well as a document that proofs your residence. If you have residence in another country you pay the normal price.


Payment Agreement: In the case this trip is cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, your entire deposit will be refunded; we are not responsible for plane or bus tickets, which were bought by the participants from the starting location to Palenque and from Campeche city to his/her final destination. It is recommended to contact the Heart-Time Institute prior to the purchase of personal travel tickets.


To reserve your place, it is necessary to give 50% deposit of the total amount. Let us know how much you deposit and we will send you a payment invitation with Paypal (so you can pay with credit card).



Make your payment here:

Mayan Trip 2015

Registration only up to June 10th 2015

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