The daily Art of a Healing Communication.

The Invisible Healer



In every profession you can help others to feel better.

In this sense, we are all healers (of he old paradigm of pain, illness, facades, lies and suffering).

Learn to act invisibly in your career as a salesman, manager or Mother/Father. The technique is not important anymore, rather total confidence, dedication, knowledge and creativity.

I have developed this training according to the teachings of Mayan Priest, Don Lauro, with whom I have learned since 1999.

New Video: (Spanish) Meeting with your Invisible Healer with testimonials.

Group Healing as Caritative Project.


How Pascal got to the Invisible Healer and why "invisible"? (Esp, Deu)                  Fotogallery  


Content of the 5 levels of formation

The Training has 5 steps: Scan (3 hs), Lattice (3 hs), Maya (8 hs), Creator (8 hs), Cosmic (8hs)

Option: 4hs-Workshop “The Medicine of Wisdom Keeper”: Pascal presents the 5 fields with practical exercises and includes a healing meditation.

Individual Sessions with Pascal: regressions, master contacts, kinesiology, dns-activation, maya-healing.



1- Scan:    (3 hs.)

The participant learns to Scan the person in front of him and then to Act. You can "read" the information that is stored in his fields, how he thinks, feels and sees the world. Includes a handy script that explains step by step what to do.

This course is also offered as part of the charitable program as a free training for future guides of a Heart-Time Centre. 

2- Lattice:    (3 hs)

We are part of the cosmic web, the Lattice, that connects and contains everything. We learn to "surf it", to travel anywhere and have access to all the necessary information in the healing process. In the application of the Lattice in reality all you have to do is "nothing". You must only know how to "do nothing".


3- Maya:    (8 hs.)

"A Mayan master is a master of illusion and a clown of reality". Each participant will learn simple tools, how to move energy and manage trance, transformation and death. This part of the training is aimed at the personal development of the "healer" and warrior of light. It will fully start with the end of the course, because it gives a number of valuable and practical tips and secret tools for the daily practice of his impeccability, high frequency and an open heart.

4- Creator:    (8 hs.)

"Let go of what you think you know." In the last part of the formation the participant learns to creatively combine what he has learned and to apply it , to make it "his own", to invent his own "technique". We recall our multiple intelligences asleep and praise the arts (dance, theatre, spoken word, sound, space, time, etc.) that are forward-looking as part of the Mayan prophecies . We are all creators of the new world. Time is Art!

5- Cosmic:     (8 hs.)

(Will be offered only on the deepening and certification weekend  for graduates of the first weekend.)










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