My method is the result of 15 years of interdisciplinary research with a team of specialists in the fields of psychology, neurophysiology, education, quantum physics, anthropology, management and the various Arts. The surprise was, how much experiential wisdom, precisely in these disciplines, can be found with the guardians of knowledge of indigenous towns, particularly with the Mayas.


This synthesis of science, art and ancient knowledge reach a new freshness and efficacy for the participant, through a combination of logical thinking with a primordial and heartfull human inspiration.

I was invited, with this method, to international conferences such as The American Creativity Association Singapore (2008) and to teach at universities for instance at the Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo,  Mexico.

My Cosmic Theatre represents for the Mayas the creative use of one's own consciousness in the entire spectrum between the Microcosm (e.g. cell information), Mesocosm (e.g. communication with our environment) and the Macrocosm (e.g. interaction with higher intelligences).

"The Cosmic Network or Lattice is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is the field of action of the leading shamans of the planet, because it includes and contains everything .

I have developed a method of how this infinite source of energy, knowledge and perfection can be applied in practice: as a source of information, for effective communication and harmonious relationships, for body-healing, creativity and co-creation. You decide at what level and when you want to apply this easy knowledge. Each person can acquire this ability again with fun exercises and then manage better his/her life. The first key to this I summ it up in the "Heart-Time”: it is the Door of all Doors, the Now, the Zero Point itself.

"Mankind is now experiencing the birth pangs of a new world" , it has been said by still alive elders of many ancient cultures, such as Mexico, Peru, Maori, Aboriginal, Africa, North America. They are transferring knowledge, which for years was kept secret and pure, to the humanity and that can help us to live on this planet in harmony, respect and sustainability. That's my message to all those who are willing to take responsibility (= the ability to respond). Of course, the process begins with each one of us, because we all have the right in life to be healthy, happy and successful." Pascal K'in Greub, Mexico, January 2011.


The method follows the LifeTreeSystem© and is registrated as a trademark Transformacion Creativa™/Creative Transformation™ and Arte Sanador™/Healing Art™ (2003-2011). It is free of religious beliefs and independent of  existing spiritual institutions.

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Símbolo ancestral de la conciencia del corazón y su expansión. / Ancient symbol of heart consciousness and tis expansion. / Uraltes Symbol des Herzbewusstseins und seiner Ausweitung.